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It is important, before starting, to realize that the risks can be greater, especially for the novices, that in some case can also entry in trades not legally allowed by their country. Today the brokers are agent working in some industry fields but this word is famous especially in the market where the broker is one of the most important role, an intermediary from the market and the traders.

Brokers in fact are those that have and give information on the market conditions, or on the prices of the products. Today is unthinkable to work in the trade system without the support of a broker. In fact all the Forex Trading are usually done by the brokers , that are people or platform that act as intermediaries among the trader and his trade and the market.

Today there are a lot of on line platform that act as brokers: These platform have the quality to show time after time what happened on the market, so that the trader can track and monitor prices, statistics, purchases, gains, losses and so on.

Of course, all the licensed platforms are listed, so that investors can chose their own on-line broker without meet with not authorized brokers. This is a very important point as the open market is a very interesting world, but is also a good way to dupe the simple person or those that expose themselves to the market for the first time.

The best broker platform always advises all the investors not only of the possibilities of gain, but also about the risks of investing. The trading of currencies of different countries is called Foreign Exchange Market or, in the shorter form, Forex.

So when we deals with Forex Trading , we are dealing with the trading of different currency pairs for example Euro versus United States Dollar or versus United States Dollar versus Pound from different countries that are considered each against the other. The Forex trading works completely on line, and this is probably its most important characteristic.

International trades, investments, curreny conversions, are all negotiation of interest of the Forex trading. All these Trades in the Forein Exchange Market are based on the payment in different currencies and on the exchange from a currency to another one. The exchange can be advantageous or not and this is one of the basic of the Forex trading. The first point that probably everybody more or less know, is that those operate in the Forex Trading hope they can gain money through this channel.

This is true, but not always true. All those that approach the Forex should have always clear in mind that earn and losses are both probable, so in the same way a trader can earn money or can lose it. Or, to be really precise, for those that are not very skilled, losses are the most probable results. So, how does it work the Forex Trading?

How is it possible to earn money with the trading of currency pairs? A trader buys one thousand pounds in a certain period that could be, for example, march He purchase them with the US Dollars, so he spend about one thousand and six hundred dollars we have supposed that the exchange pound versus dollar is 1: At the end of May of the same year, our trader realizes that the value pounds versus US dollars increases, so that the exchange is 1: For this, the trader can decide to sell his dollars or to close his trade so that he would have earn one hundred dollar.

Of course, if he is not a good trader, he can do a wrong play, and sell his currencies in a moment in which the exchange is disadvantageous, because the exchange is, for example, 1: In this case he would have lose one hundred dollar.

To trade with currency pairs or with stocks, a broker or a market maker is needed. To be sure to ask to a real Forex broker and not to an impostor, the trader should check the lists of qualified broker available on line. Of course, today, all the trading procedures are made on line, with few clicks, without meet people, without offices and without appointments. This means that everything is faster, but at the same time, this can be more dangerous for the inexperienced traders.

To avoid risks, several on line brokers make available on line customer support that explain the basic of the on line trading. When start trading in the Forex, what is important is that all the terms used are really clear in the meaning. It can be very easy for a novice to make mistakes due to the misunderstanding of the used terms.

During the trades is very probable that the purchases are done in terms of lots or, for small quantities, in terms of mini lot or micro lot.

As it is easy to understand, mini and micro lots are parts of the lot, and in particular, they represent the tenth part and the thousandth part of the lot. Another term very often used in the Forex trading is the Pips , that is the Percentage in Points. It is a small measure, very useful in the change of the currency pairs, In fact, the relationship among the different pairs is always complex and needs of the multiples and submultiples of the units.

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