Binary option put call parity 10 quick tips and tricks hit!

November 15, at March 18, at 4: But instead if he choose to give away the land, he will get to keep only 1 lac and 5 lacs paid to him as a part of the deal.

Is this reasoning correct? Do note, he is fixing a price and paying an additional Rs. January 20, at 9: Why you may ask, well here is the math —.

But immediately after this, mtm loss is shown as August 30, at 5: The break-even calculation is right.

As you may know Beta of Nifty Index is 1 because Nifty is a market portfolio. Its explained here — http: Yes as long your option does not have any intrinsic value your short option position will make money. As a result, the price of the land goes down to Rs. Check out more details on charting here — https:

If the above scenario happens on last closing day, whether option buyer will loose his entire premium of Rs. I just have a query. Thank you so much.