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It is easy to open a securities account via the internet and the account management comes free-of-charge. At the time of her decision, the transaction costs were to be the most favorable, too.

When opening her securities account on the internet, Lisa is asked to enter personal details such as her address and date of birth, as well as her stock-market experience. Security acccount banks are required by law to ask the latter. The Securities Trading Act WpHG stipulates that banks must acquire information on the knowledge and experience of their customers. However, the customer is not obliged to provide this sort of information. This procedure is known as self-disclosure and serves to transfer liability from the bank to the customer.

Trading in securities is always subject to a certain risk, which the customer must be made aware of by the bank. Discount brokers, such as Consors, have developed specific risk categories, by means of which customers have to classify themselves. Before each transaction, the potential risk is pointed out to the customer. Lisa experiences problems with her discount broker. The self-disclosure is not explained and she does not know what this information is used for.

Only when she rings the broker is this clarified. However, she decides to stay with the broker for the time being. She goes to the nearest post office, where her personal details are verified and all documents are forwarded to the securities bank. Only a few days later, she receives the information needed for activating her securities account online.

A short and easy-to-comprehend letter guides her through the activation process on the internet, which also requires the login data that were sent to her separately for security reasons. This authorization data is entered when registering for the first time, and it must be personalized immediately.

The new passwords are to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the account. The new online securities deposit account has been set up and Lisa would like to start trading right away. This is why information must be procured beforehand and investment targets defined.

Just how this is be done will be the subject of the second part of our series. The following information does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for any securities. No offer of securities of the Issuer is being, or will be, made to the public outside Germany and Luxembourg.

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