Etrade brokerage accounts

E-trade is an online broker that offers brokerage accounts etrade brokerage accounts stocks and other trading options. With E-trade, you can view, monitor and manage your accounts at your convenience. The self-directed brokerage account etrade brokerage accounts you in control of your investments, allowing you to bypass the middleman and hefty fees. With E-trade, you are in control of your money and the amount you choose to invest. There is no maximum deposit limit. Promotions and incentives are commonly available for opening an account with a higher initial deposit or maintaining a certain amount in your account.

Etrade brokerage accounts addition to brokerage accounts, E-trade offers a variety of other accounts, etrade brokerage accounts checking and retirement account options. You can also roll over your existing retirement assets into an E-trade Individual Retirement Account.

The amount you can trade is limited to the amount in your account. There are no trading limits as long as you have enough funds available to invest. Maintenance fees do not apply to brokerage account.

E-trade trading fees are based on the number of transactions. At the time of publication, you have 45 days to fund your e-trade account with your initial deposit. A brokerage account can be funded by making an electronic or wire transfer from your bank account or by writing and mailing a check. You can also transfer your existing brokerage account from another bank or etrade brokerage accounts service to an E-trade account.

When trading stocks and other securities, there is always a chance you can lose your entire investment. E-trade offers fraud protection to cover any loss that etrade brokerage accounts from the unauthorized use of your account. Etrade brokerage accounts cash deposits into your account are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The coverage is designed to protect your assets in the event of bank failure and does not protect against a decline in the market value of your investments.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Trading Limits The amount you can etrade brokerage accounts is limited to the amount in your account. Funding an Account At the time of publication, you have 45 days to fund your e-trade account with your initial deposit.

Asset Protection When trading stocks and other securities, there is always a chance you can lose your entire investment. The coverage is designed to protect your assets in the event of bank failure and does not protect against a decline in the market value of your investments Share this: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Powered by Get Satisfaction. Community powered support for Quicken. Community Home All Etrade brokerage accounts. I have a personal etrade account with downloads all my information successfully. I also have an account that my company set up with a investment and stock etrade brokerage accounts section.

I am unable to figure out how to get the stock plan information downloaded into Quicken for use there. Etrade brokerage accounts help would be great.

I am using Quicken Premier It's been a few years since I had an active eTrade employee stock plan account, but at that time, the ESPP and employee stock option etrade brokerage accounts from the stock plan accounts were not available for downloading.

I see the eTrade Quicken download instructions specifically mention bank and brokerage etrade brokerage accounts. There is no mention of stock plan accounts in the downloading instructions. And I can only see my brokerage and bank account in the list available to select in the transaction history download page. So it looks like stock plan account transactions are still not available for downloading.

Try setting up download with that. But do be sure to have a backup of your Quicken data file before you try it Had one a few years ago, but not anymore. Optionslink was combined with the regular etrade site and login quite a few years back. Since that time, it has not been possible to download employee stock plan transactions. Probably got lost in the integration of the two sites. Same situation, quicken only see the personal account and not the employee.

It's the same etrade login. Obviously, eTrade has not changed the account types it offers for transaction download. This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies.

I had an E-Trade account to receive shares of stock from the company I worked for. Working for a tech company, I had to sign up for an E-Trade account to receive stock awards and discounted stock purchases from the etrade brokerage accounts. At the same time, I had a non-work-related brokerage account at a Canadian bank in order to do my personal investment and stock trading activities. As of yearI found E-Trade to fall short of my expectations in a number of ways: High commission fees, restrictive transaction flow, and a busy user interface.

First and foremost, E-Trade charges unusually high fees to process stock transactions. For employee stock plans, etrade brokerage accounts only trade available is the sell order. To make matters worse, some trades are involuntary etrade brokerage accounts the fees eat away at the etrade brokerage accounts. Although E-Trade allows a few methods for the treatment of income etrade brokerage accounts, my company chose the sell-to-cover method with no user override allowed.

The company promises me a block of stock shares over a period of time if I stay employed at the company. A grant of shares with shares becoming vested on a specific date 1 year later, another shares 2 years later, etc.

This etrade brokerage accounts effectively a form of extra income or a bonus. The money is accumulated for a half year and the purchase is executed at the end of the period. Only the discount portion of the money i. But E-Trade begs to differ: Compare this with my ordinary stock brokerage, where etrade brokerage accounts of a particular stock bought at different times or even transferred in from another account all merge into a single mass of assets.

Later when I perform a sell order, all the accumulated stock etrade brokerage accounts be sold in one transaction costing only a single commission fee. An E-Trade employee stock account requires that after selling stock, the cash from the transaction is etrade brokerage accounts dispensed to a cheque mailed to you. You cannot keep the cash proceeds in your account. Some events generate cash that is kept in your account instead of being dispensed.

Receiving dividends while holding onto stock is one example. Leftover change from a sell-to-cover transaction is another one e. You end up with a cash balance in your account, but you cannot merge the cash into the cheque dispensed after a sell order — you have to call E-Trade to explicitly dispense the cash. The workflow ends up being convoluted and suboptimal.

Upon an RSU vesting on a Wednesday, I received an email notification of the sell-to-cover-taxes transaction 2 business days later Fridayand a notification of the vesting 4 days later Tuesday. This is quite unacceptable, as my personal brokerage allows me to see orders in real time and events are posted to my online transaction log in real time.

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