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The baroque mass scenes of his early paintings have been replaced by simpler compositions that focus on states and moods; the artists attention has shifted from narrative content to pictorial rendition. In later works, these abstract structures became autonomous, equally important compositional elements. In his latest series, on display at the exhibition, compositions are unequivocally governed by colours and pictorial qualities instead of figurative motifs, giving rise to an organic abstract imagery, thematically rooted in the physical suffering and decay of the body.

The confrontation of classical traditions of painting with taboo-breaking themes involving blood and violence has given ample grounds for appraisal and criticism alike. His works have been featured at numerous domestic and international shows, including the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, and he has had several solo exhibitions in venues such as the Trafo Gallery in Budapest, the CACT in Bellinzona, Switzerland, and the MOA Museum in Bunnik, the Netherlands.