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This means our goal is to generate relatively consistent income from one of the most volatile markets in the world. I created strategies specifically designed around using a small account for generating income. I also created a podcast and YouTube video series documenting every day of the challenge. What is a Day Trader? Day trading profitably requires finding stocks with home run potential.

Requirements Stock should have a catalyst or be a former runner, but technical breakouts are okay. Higher prices should be 5min patterns only. Entries Based on the setups we review in the Day Trading Course. How do you find stocks?

Trade Ideas Stock Scanners. Making a Living Day Trading At Warrior Trading we teach day trading strategies specifically designed for income trading. We thrive on market volatility because when markets are sideways, there are very few opportunities for profit. This means that each day we hunt for the stocks that are likely to be the biggest movers on Wall Street. The trick is learning how to find them before the big move!

I have developed a Day Trading Strategy for finding the big movers each morning. In our Day Trading Chat Room, we create a watch list of stocks each morning and begin trading as soon as the bell rings at 9: I provide market commentary each morning from 9: Your first course of action is to learn why they fail so you can avoid making the same mistakes!

Failure is the direct result of poor risk management. Trading is risky, but the first thing I will teach you is how to manage and understand your risk. Every trade carries risk and we must weigh that risk against the potential reward of a successful trade. As traders, we are constantly performing risk analysis.