Ohio real estate broker trust account

Persons licensed as real estate ohio real estate broker trust account who subsequently become licensed real estate brokers shall continue to submit proof of continuing education in accordance with the time period established in this section. One dollar of each such fee shall be credited to the real estate education and research fund, except that for fees that are assessed only once every three years, three dollars of each triennial fee shall be credited to the real estate education and research fund. The subpoena may contain a direction that the witness bring with the witness to the examination any books, records, or papers mentioned in the subpoena. E All brokerages ohio real estate broker trust account engage in property management activities shall provide an accounting to each owner of property managed on a regular basis, but in no event not less than on a quarterly basis. The actual cost of the inspection or examination, including the proper proportion of the salaries of employees of the division of real estate who conduct it, shall be paid by the applicant and may be retained by the superintendent out of any deposit.

If the broker maintains more than one place of business within the state, the broker shall ohio real estate broker trust account for and procure a duplicate license for each branch office maintained by the broker. Any license deposited with the commission shall be subject to this chapter. B The statement shall be printed in bold type and shall be at least eight inches by ten inches in size. Any court that convicts a licensee of a violation of any municipal civil rights law pertaining to housing discrimination also shall notify the Ohio civil rights commission within fifteen days of the conviction. Security deposits maintained in the property management trust account must be clearly identified and credited to the tenant.

C All the statements, exhibits, and documents required by the superintendent under this section, except properly certified public documents, shall be verified by the oath of the applicant or of any person having knowledge of the facts, and in such manner and form as required by the superintendent. The application fee shall be nonrefundable. A Except as otherwise provided in this division and in section

If the commissioners affirm the determination of the superintendent, the superintendent shall so notify the complainant and the licensee within five business days thereafter. A If the check or draft instrument was submitted by a ohio real estate broker trust account, the superintendent shall also notify the licensee that the licensee's license will be suspended unless the licensee, within fifteen days after the mailing of the notice, submits the fee and a one-hundred-dollar fee to the superintendent. W "Exclusive purchaser agency agreement" means an agency agreement between a purchaser and ohio real estate broker trust account that meets the requirements of section C The superintendent may do all of the following: Any applicant or respondent dissatisfied with an order of the commission may appeal in accordance with Chapter

If the superintendent determines that the proposed name is not clearly distinguishable from any other existing brokerage, the superintendent may approve the use of the trade name if there is filed with the superintendent the written consent of the existing brokerage ohio real estate broker trust account the same or similar name. No such license shall be reactivated by the superintendent until it is established, to the satisfaction of the superintendent, that the requirements of this division have been met and that the licensee is in compliance with this chapter. However, the suspended license of the associated real estate salesperson shall be reactivated and no fee shall be charged or collected for that reactivation if all of the following occur:

X "Seller" means a party in a real estate transaction who is the potential transferor of property. If the complainant and licensee reach an accommodation at an informal mediation meeting, the investigator shall so report to the superintendent, the complainant, and licensee and the complaint file shall be closed. A licensee's failure to notify the superintendent of a change in personal residence address does not negate the requirement to file the license renewal by the required deadline established by the commission by rule under division A 2 f of section C A person who applies to a court of common pleas for an order directing payment out of the fund shall file notice of the application ohio real estate broker trust account the superintendent. E Unless otherwise indicated, the licensee named in ohio real estate broker trust account final citation under this section must meet all requirements contained in the final citation within thirty days after the effective date of that citation.