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Robin mitchell artist oakville 3 to 6 Instructor: Robin J Mitchell Mondays, 9: Painting realistic mountain snow scenes presents lots of challenges. Snow reflects sunlight and the colours of the surrounding nature. Those big, majestic Alberta skies also determine the colour of the snow and the colours you see reflected in the shadows.

In this class Robin teaches you how to judge the colour of snow, how to employ the proper use of perspective, value, intensity and colour temperature to create a sense of depth with mountains, trees and fields. Acrylic and Water Based Oil. Beaches robin mitchell artist oakville probably among the most scenic places on earth.

Key elements in painting Florida beaches and landscapes include azure skies, gentle waves, sand dunes robin mitchell artist oakville foliage. Robin explores the specifics of colour, composition, robin mitchell artist oakville light, and architectural elements that are important to painting good beach paintings.

Interpret the visual elements: Bring added sparkle and life to your watercolour paintings by learning to robin mitchell artist oakville reflective surfaces. Shelley will guide you through the basics: There is an artist in all of us! Begin your creative journey as Julie walks you step-by-step through the process of recreating a painting from scratch.

You will be surprised at just how great your painting turns out with a little bit of guidance. Every class allows you to go home with your own personal painted creation. This class offers a one-of-a-kind painting experience for beginners. Come, get inspired, have some fun and unleashed your creativity!

All the necessary art supplies are included. Level 2 to 3 Instructor: Laurel Best Mondays, 7 pm to 9: Animals are such a big part of our lives and our families. During this four-week watercolour course, Laurel will guide you through a step-by-step process for painting realistic animals. You will learn how to robin mitchell artist oakville out your painting and then master techniques to accurately paint robin mitchell artist oakville, feathers, eyes and noses. Explore additional techniques in using colour combinations, designing foreground and background, and taking advantage of soft and hard edges.

Once you have covered the basics, use your new skills to paint a beautiful portrait of your dog, cat or tiger. Level 2 to 4 Instructor: Heidi Rohde Tuesdays, 9: Enjoy the many qualities of acrylic paint as you push the boundaries of landscape painting. This class is designed to help you create better and more powerful landscape paintings using your own photo references and imagination. Heidi will teach you how to use elements such as value, colour and space as well as the principles of design in your robin mitchell artist oakville.

Create an emotional response to your landscape, and learn how to emphasize the main focus and create a strong design. Learn robin mitchell artist oakville incorporate other media such as collage and dry media to create excitement in your work.

Special topics will include skies, water and trees. Watercolour is the perfect medium for depicting the delicate and transparent quality of flowers. Through simple exercises, Laurel will teach you to isolate shapes and values robin mitchell artist oakville create dynamic, balanced compositions.

She will take you through a short lesson on colour, brushes and basic painting practices. Understand colour blending, creating gradients, and water colour washes while you paint a flower each night. Taking photographs and utilizing them in your work will also be discussed.

Lots of step-by-step instructions and guidance. Robin J Mitchell Tuesdays, 7 pm to 10 pm. Painting on a big canvas has its own robin mitchell artist oakville and challenges. In this class Robin will be painting a 36 x inch canvas of a half peeled tangerine sitting on a flat surface. You robin mitchell artist oakville find that painting large adds a bit of spice and excitement in your artistic journey.

Keen to improve your painting skills? Miniature paintings, no larger robin mitchell artist oakville 2 X 3 inches, have a long history as a style of painting where the artist's ability can be appreciated: It can take robin mitchell artist oakville patience and practice, but painting beautiful miniature isn't merely about size, but the level robin mitchell artist oakville detail in the painting.

In this class Robin will encourage your individual creative process as you explore traditional and alternative styles in painting. Controlling paint on a very small scale is almost meditative, it will free you from creative hang-ups, and replace them with robin mitchell artist oakville desire to create.

Want to make your photos consistently better? This course is for beginner and intermediate photographers who wish to understand both the photographic process and how to take better pictures.

He will guide you through the fundamentals of camera settings, techniques, design and composition and more. A mixture of classroom, assignments, and review will guide you through the process of taking images that capture the viewer and tell a story.

This class is geared robin mitchell artist oakville DSLR cameras only. Please bring your own digital camera.

Take your photography to the next level! This course will teach you how to edit your photos like a pro. Then, turn your photographs into works of art by learning how to overlay textures, combine and blend images, apply filters and effects, and much more! A laptop with a subscription or trial sign up to Adobe Photoshop CC is required.

Robin mitchell artist oakville Mayer-Grieve Wednesdays, 9: Risk taking, exploration and emotional connections is key in abstract painting. Robin mitchell artist oakville a focus on composition and colour theory, Judy encourages your individual creative expression and development.

Random and unpredictable form, together with various methods to apply paint other than just brusheswill be a formative element of your artwork. Push your creativity and skills to a new level. Laurel McBrine Wednesdays, 1pm to 4pm. Explore ways to define specific flowers with loose strokes and vibrant colour. Working on large canvases, robin mitchell artist oakville 24x24 inches, you will interpret the grand scale and beauty of flowers with shapes, and robin mitchell artist oakville using vibrant colours and bold brushwork.

Laurel encourages students to dive into their imagination and create a compelling composition with big value shapes. Lots of demos and one-on-one help. Dania Al-Obaidi Wednesdays, 7pm to 9pm. Embrace a sense of adventure as you paint in watercolour in a whole new style. In this class you will paint with watercolour while learning to create unique abstract art works. Learn how to mix colour, prepare paper, how to properly apply watercolour paint. Dania will help you channel your inner artist as you create a colour palette that will bring harmony to your work and create art you are proud of.

Diana Lee Wednesdays, 9: In this class Diana demonstrates the techniques, tips and tricks for painting the faces of the very young. The gentleness of watercolour is the perfect medium for portraying the softness and beauty of children. Explore simple skin tones, and facial features as you focus on principles which help emphasize the personality you wish to convey. She will help you understand the benefits of photographic reference, and how to paint lively, realistic watercolour portraits.

You should have some basic portrait drawing experience or taken SA Material List. Diana Lee Wednesdays, 1pm to 4pm. Celebrate the fresh colors of springtime in watercolour. Look closely at a single bloom… your interpretation is everything, but how do you capture a realistic likeness quickly yet still personalize your vision?

Explore positive and negative space to improve your understanding of both the structural and expressive aspects of the floral still life.

Working wet into wet, glaze and lift color. Diana will review colour, value and composition to help you depict the luminosity and delicate character of beautiful springtime blooms.

Judy Mayer-Grieve Thursdays, 1 pm to 4 pm. Explore your creative spirit and set aside preconceived expectations. Using photographic references or pure imagination as a starting point, Judy will assist and encourage you to kick start and expand your personal creativity, whether you wish to pursue pure abstraction, landscapes or portraits. Margaret Doswell Thursdays, 1pm to 4pm. Memories are such an important part of our daily experience.

Create a magical piece of artwork by using cherished items, photos, ticket stubs, or inspirational quotes. Working with mixed media materials acrylics paint, inks, mediums Maggie teaches a variety of layering techniques to achieve depth and texture.

Explore basic design and a variety of options for beginning and finishing a piece. In the event that the required number of registrants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the class up to one day prior to the starting date.

Payments for classes cancelled by the OAS will be fully refunded. Due to the nature of our operation there will be absolutely no refunds given after the 7 day period before the starting date of a class. All withdrawals must be made in writing and sent to info oakvilleartsociety.

A tin box with tons of chalky colours and a horrible brush to go with it. I would sit for hours blending colours, attempting to paint the world around me. Today my box is filled with artist quality paints and my brushes are sable and squirrel. My tools have changed, but the journey is still the same: A love for colours and light, and epic struggles to put these on paper. When I teach, I focus on method and tools.

I am robin mitchell artist oakville to say that my artwork has seeped robin mitchell artist oakville private collections from Australia through Europe to North America. A classically trained artist, Zan is the recipient of several award for plein air painting in Ontario. He is the founder and past president of Ontario Plein Air Society. I have been drawing as long as I can remember and spent many hours as a teenager capturing my favourite pictures in pencil.

Art has always been a part of my family. My grandmother, Jean Monkhouse was an oil painter and art teacher. She robin mitchell artist oakville my first art teacher, and I will always remember painting with her in her cottage in Atikokan.

Helen Hendry Helen was born and raised in Montreal. Fine Arts have always robin mitchell artist oakville a part of her life, her parents were also artists. In she earned a diploma, with honours, from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where she studied painting, design and sculpture under the direction of Arthur Lismer. She also earned a scholarship at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Helen paints mostly in oil, but also enjoys watercolour, monoprinting and drawing.

Painting out of doors, capturing the landscape in its different moods is an especially challenging occupation for her. She may be seen on country roadsides or down at harbours in and around Oakville and Burlington, with her paintbox. Helen has paintings hanging in corporate and private collections. Diana Lee Diana is an artist with strong drawing skills who works in oil, acrylic and watercolour.

In and her works were included in Strokes of Genius 6 robin mitchell artist oakville Acrylic Works 4. A gifted and popular instructor she invites artists to paint in different mediums and subject matter.

Cathy Lorraway Cathy loves to share her love of nature and art as a fine artist and instructor with students of all ages. She works in watercolour, acrylic and oil and loves painting landscapes in plein air. Robin J Mitchell Robin paints daily life, things that inspire and excite. All the paintings are small, making it easier for people to buy and collect them. His daily paintings on his blog have been viewed by almost fifty thousand visitors. Meru Parmar My art is inspired by everyday life and has found home robin mitchell artist oakville private collections.

It brings me joy and thats what I endeavour to share by teaching art. Shelley Prior Shelley's passion for nature is evident in much of her work, but she also enjoys painting portraits, landscapes and still life. A graduate of Sheridan College in Oakville and Dundas Valley School of Art, Shelley has taught watercolour and acrylic painting throughout Ontario for more than 20 years.

Her work has been seen in several local juried shows and has won local and international awards. Heather Redick I've been painting since the early 90's. My greatest joy has been to watch artists develop their skills before my eyes - to witness them as they realize just what they have accomplished! I've written several robin mitchell artist oakville, hundreds of instructional packets, presented at trades shows all over North America, and worked with a variety of art material manufacturers.

I love landscapes and have more recently enjoyed painting seascapes. I work mostly in oils but many of the floral pieces are done with acrylic. I would love it if you would come and paint with me, I promise to share as much as possible with you and assist you on your road to your potential.

She works in Acrylic, Watercolour and Pastel. She was an educator for many years teaching Visual Arts at the Secondary School level. She continues to enjoy teaching and encouraging students to fulfill their potential. He is an Ontario certified teacher with over 30 years of experience in the classroom and a passion for sharing his knowledge.

His goals are simple: She has a particular interest robin mitchell artist oakville art therapy for children and adults with learning difficulties and has found art can be an invaluable tool to overcome barriers robin mitchell artist oakville communication and improve confidence. Toggle navigation Oakville Art Society.

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